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Whatever your business’s needs, we can help you find the solution that is right for you.

Wellcove by CHCS is a solidly profitable senior focused company. Wellcove Services has been serving as the nation’s leading full service senior market solutions provider for many years.

The company’s key attributes are:

  • Expertise and Experience –  We understand the market, the products, the opportunities and the challenges of solving elder care issues for individuals and caregivers.
  • Scope of Services — Through our fully integrated programs, you can be assured of the most competent, comprehensive and appropriate care for your members.
  • Capabilities and Resources – We have developed the finest infrastructure of people, technology, systems and procedures to provide outstanding service.  We have organized a nationwide database of nurses and healthcare professionals, the Wellcove CareForce™ adhering to the highest standards.  Our technology tools and systems, developed in collaboration with clinicians, care managers and consumers, utilize the most validated standards and measures to capture, process and securely report data and outcomes to our clients.
  • Commitment and Leadership – We have strong, stable senior leadership that is committed to the continued vision of being the leading eldercare services company.
  • Clients and Participants – We recognize the enormity of the opportunity in bringing meaningful solutions to the millions of individuals and organizations confronting the challenges of eldercare so we look for clients who share our vision and the willingness to work collaboratively to achieve the best possible results.

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Whatever your business’ needs, we can help you find the solution that is right for you.