We’re Better Together: AssuriCare Services Guide

With Wellcove by CHCS Services’ recent acquisition of AssuriCare, we now offer an exciting new suite of programs and tools. These programs provide LTC insurance carriers with the necessary information to make informed eligibility decisions, provide administrative efficiencies, decrease claims cycle times, and identify potential fraud, waste, and abuse to help extend the life an insured’s benefits.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)


Facility Itemization and Verification

Machine to Machine Invoicing

Electronic, standardized invoices

Itemization Verification

Service itemization, making it easier to uncover fraud and abuse patterns

Web Portal

Web portal access for claimants and authorized representatives to view claims information anytime, anywhere

Monthly Service Audits

Monthly alerts to call out changes in care needs, leave of absence, recoveries, etc.

Standardized Processes

Process standardization which increases efficiencies by 50%

Benefit Assessments

Empowering informed benefit eligibility decisions through quality assessments.

Schedule in-person, virtual, and telephonic nurse assessments

Multi-tier clinical review processed by health professionals to ensure complete, accurate, and actionable information

All assessments are electronically submitted to carriers in both PDF and structured data formats.

Our secure web portal provides 24/7 access to case referrals, notes, and completed assessments

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