Third-Party Senior Market Insurance Solutions That Drive Better Outcomes for All

Whatever your business needs, Wellcove® by CHCS Services can develop a comprehensive & customized package of senior market products & services that’s right for you.

Our Services

Administrative Service solutions that are customized, efficient and cost effective while improving the customer experience.

We provide support for supplemental healthcare claims including eligibility determination, claim payment processing and analytical insight into the health of a carrier’s block and how to improve both the carrier’s and the claimant’s experience.

Advanced clinical tools and treatment protocols that produce ideal health status outcomes.

Our expertise in the Senior Market enables us to understand the underwriting challenges that arise when evaluating risk on an aging population and how to standardize and simplify the process.

Experience & Innovation

Wellcove is a leading administrator of senior market and eldercare programs. Our outsourcing solutions, highly-trained staff and state-of-the-art resources provide high-quality, personalized services to each of our clients. Along with administrative support, we also offer customized care management solutions that help manage medical claims costs and improve customer satisfaction. When you work with Wellcove, we will help you find the solution that makes sense for your company and its senior market program needs.

Wellcove makes sense for your company because…

Your Brand is Safe With Us

We manage millions of dollars in senior market premiums on your behalf, seamlessly.

We Handle Communications

All of our communications reflect our client’s brand and reinforces that continuity across all channels. By working together, we are able to deliver consistent messaging across any platform.

We’ve Seen it All

We manage millions of dollars in senior market premiums on your behalf, seamlessly.

Saving Without Compromise

Our blend of resource knowledge and process automation maximizes the customer experience while achieving processing efficiencies and analytical data. Our vast database of providers offers geriatric care management and economy of scale savings.

Our Mission

Drive value to our carrier partners by being a great custodian of their brand while engaging their policyholders to generate the best outcomes for all.

Wellcove is a leading administrator of senior markets specializing in supplemental health care program solutions. With a wealth of experience in the Medicare Supplement, Medicare Part D, Long Term Care and Hospital Indemnity markets, our senior management team is dedicated to providing the best customer journey while protecting the carrier’s brand and providing financial savings. We strive to achieve operational excellence via customized solutions that meet and exceed your expectations. This is done with the use of state-of-the-art information technology and highly trained personnel to deliver high-quality service to our clients and most importantly, their members.